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Project: App-StatusDoc
A command line application to help author developer notes and status reports.
Project: devops
A project that has utility scripts, tools, and infrastructure setup.
Project: DevOps-Manual
A set of documentation for programming and system administration.
Project: Doc-Repo-Index
A project containing an index of all my projects.
Project: Doc-Server
A web server loaded with documentation.
Project: Docker-Jenkins-Agent
Builds a Docker image for use as a Jenkins agent.
Project: Docker-Jenkins-Agent-Perl_5_22_4
A Docker image for Jenkins Agent using Perl 5.22.4.
Project: Docker-Jenkins-Agent-Perl_5_22_4-dzil
A Docker image for Jenkins Agent using Perl 5.22.4 with dzil.
Project: Docker-Jenkins-Agent-plenv
A Docker image for Jenkins Agent using plenv.
Project: dotfiles
A collection of my configuration files for Linux.
Project: Morlock
Some classes to help me write CLI apps quickly.
My internal website built using Hugo.
My public website built using Hugo.