Style Guide

A style guide to help me be consistent in formatting and usage.

Referencing Posts

Use relref.

    *   Add Post: [Hugo Theme Review](/2022/07/10/10.081449/)

Status Posts

Each issue is a hyperlink.

[issue/1 : Add a cheatsheet document](
  • link text: ‘issue/$number> : $title’
  • link url: direct to the issue

Issue is just text.

issue/1 : Add a cheatsheet document
  • ‘issue/$number> : $title’

Content Summary

Rationale: The auto-summary smashes the subsections together and it looks bad; Might work better if I had more than 1 sentence as the summary.


What I did from 2022-MAY-15 to 2022-MAY-21.

<!-- more-->  <!-- had to put a space in there so Hugo will not render it -->


  • cat:review : for reviews or comparisions of things. Always tag with ‘review’.


  • tag:review : for reviews or comparisions of things.
  • In posts referencing libraries, add library names as tags.