Home Lab 2022

A high level description of the tools and applications I have set up in my home lab.


  • Synology 4 disk NAS. Mostly just provides NFS and rsync accesible disk storage.
  • 2 desktop linux machines from ZaReason and System76 used as servers
    • one runs Debian
      • DHCPd
      • bind9 DNS server
    • one runs Ubuntu because I haven’t switched away from it yet
  • 2 laptops, both from System76
  • 32 port switch, D-Link I think. I don’t generally do much active management of it though.
  • 2 wifi routers

Applications - Self-Hosted

  • NFS from the NAS
    • file mirrors
  • rsync from the NAS
    • backups
    • file storage
  • The tt-rss RSS reader running in Docker. I try to consume most of my news, media, and blogs via RSS.
  • The NextCloud cloud storage application running in Docker. The Docker container directly mounts an NFS directory from the NAS.
  • Portainer Docker UI running in Docker.
  • Jenkins CI server running in Docker.
  • Gitea git server
  • Nginx webserver
    • hosts an internal Hugo blog
    • hosts a file archive
      • copies of old software that I want to make sure I have tarballs of
      • some various backup data
  • Postfix as my STMPd
  • Dovecot for my IMAPd

Applications - 3rd Party Providers

  • AWS
    • EC2
    • Route 53
    • S3
  • GitLab ; I prefer gitlab over github because I like the GitLab CI system
  • GitHub
  • GoodReads for my social reading lists
  • Wallabag ( a service similar to Pocket for reading articles later)

Applications - My Laptops

  • AsciiDoc
  • Banshee for music player
  • bash for my shell
  • Calibre for ebook management
  • DocBook
  • duplicity for backups
  • Firefox for browser
  • Gnome for my X11 window manager
  • gvim/vim for editing
  • make
  • tmux for my console window manager