Software Review: Artifactory Open-Source


I’ve been looking for an artifact repository that I can use for generic artifacts. Is Artifactory Open Source useful for this?

I last used Artifactory Open Source years ago and I think it did not allow the management of generic artifacts.

That might not be the case now, so I’m looking back into it.

Install Artifactory Using Docker

I’ll use the ‘Docker Compose Installation Using Docker Volumes’ method.

It installs easy and configuration is not hard.


  • supports several artifact types
    • generic
    • gradle
    • ivy
    • maven
    • sbt
  • jfrog-cli which makes things pretty easy to automate
  • stores build properties
  • store build artifacts centrally
  • can also use curl/raw HTTP methods against the REST API


  • For generic objects, the caller is responsible for the path layout; That will probably ALWAYS be true for generic packages in all systems.
  • Open Source version appears to not be able to store the files into NFS. Artifactory High-Availability appears to be able to work with NFS, but that requires an Enterprise license.
  • There are no magic tags like ‘latest’. I want to be able to use tags like Docker does. But I think you can just continually overwrite files so using a path like $project/release/latest/$artifact might work.


Without NFS ability, I’m not interested in using Artifactory for generic file artifacts.

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