Deploying Mojo::Darkpan via Docker

Links Mojo::Darkpan Dockerfile The repo has a Dockerfile that appears suitable. There does not appear to be an image that is published into Docker Hub. Docker-Image-Mojo-Darkpan I make a project that will use GitLab CI to build a Docker image. The original Dockerfile in the Mojo::Darkpan repo proved to be a little fussy for me. So I just wrote my own Dockerfile, and it works ok.

Self-Hosting Perl Modules, part 2 : Mojo::Darkpan

Install cpanm Mojo::Darkpan Run w/o Config darkpan # if you want a config file # darkpan --config config.json This is now running on port 3000. There is no authentication on this. See Mojolicious::Plugin::BasicAuthPlus to configure it. { "basic_auth": { "main": { "username": "admin", "password": "admin" } } } { "basic_auth": { "main": { "path": "passwd" } } } passwd: admin:admin Upload a tarball curl --data-urlencode module=App-Artifact-Repository-0.1.0.tar.gz --data-urlencode 'author=jtrowe' http://localhost:3000/publish Returns ‘OK’.

Self-Hosting Perl Modules, part 1

Problem: I want a CPAN compatible hosting site for my Perl modules I’ve not done this before so, investigate what is out there. Searching for prior work Duck Duck Go: “hosting darkpan modules” MetaCPAN: “Pan” Results: App::DuckPAN App::RetroPAN BackPAN::Index CloudPAN FreePAN MiniPAN Mojo::Darkpan MyCPAN::App::DPAN OrePAN2 Pinto WorePAN App::DuckPAN App::DuckPAN “DuckPAN is an application built to provide developers a testing environment for DuckDuckHack Instant Answers.

Hugo Theme Review

This is more for my benefit than anyone elses. Requirements section sidebar in posts search avoid npm if possible Current Theme : LoveIt LoveIt Theme Notes: Ace Documentation Ace Documentation : Seems nice for technical documentation. Not a general purpose theme. Theme Notes: Anatole Anatole No section list in posts. Does seem to have a projects type of page or post. Has a taxonomy type “series”. Has automatic “related posts”.